Tips For Saving Your Furniture After A Flood

When major weather events happen, such as a hurricane, flooding is an unfortunate but frequent accompaniment. Even a severe thunderstorm can produce torrential downpours that the public sewer system cannot keep up with. Unfortunately, many people realize too late their homeowner's insurance policy didn't include a rider for flood damage. If you experience a flood and don't have coverage, it suddenly becomes imperative to quickly salvage what you can. While a water damage cleanup service should be your first phone call, saving your furniture should be your next step. Read More 

4 Tips For Fire Damage Restoration After A House Fire

Any type of fire inside a house can be very stressful to deal with. A house fire can cause significant damage, not only from the smoke and fire itself, but also the water used to put out the fire. Luckily, a good fire damage restoration company can assist you in the clean up so you can get your home looking like it did before the fire. If you need fire damage restoration services, use the following tips: Read More 

Tumble-Down Brick: What To Do With Your Brick House Fixer-Upper

If you recently bought a brick house where the bricks are all broken, tumbling down, and falling out of the walls, you have some work to do. A brick "fixer-upper" is not as easily fixed as other houses. It requires a lot of structural work and structural assessments to figure out if it is even worth saving. However, if you are determined to make this purchase a perfect home again, here is what you will need to do. Read More 

Plaster Walls And Mold Growth: Keeping Vintage Homes Safe

There is no question that mold is unattractive, potentially a health risk and expensive to eradicate if allowed to expand too far into a home. However, a careful homeowner can prevent any serious damage to their home or health risk to themselves or family members with a little caution. Older homes may seem more at risk to mold intrusion than a modern house, but this is not necessarily true. The biggest concern owners of older homes have is the safety of their plaster walls. Read More 

Warning Signs Of A Faulty Hydraulic System

It is better to discover that a hydraulic cylinder is failing and to make the necessary corrections than it is to have your system fail unexpectedly. The good news is that there are some warning signs of a failing hydraulic cylinder you can discover that will allow you to have the necessary repairs made sooner.  Aeration If your hydraulic system begins to generate a lot of noise, this is a sign that the system may be suffering from cavitation or aeration. Read More