FAQs On Smoke Damage

A fire inside your house can certainly be one way to end up with smoke damage in the house, but it is not the only way you can get smoke damage. Just a few of the other ways you can get smoke damage in the house include a nearby fire that causes a lot of smoke to get in your house, seriously burning a dish in the oven, or a blocked chimney. No matter what has caused the damage, you'll have to deal with it. You likely have questions about smoke damage and some of the answers you are looking for may be included in the following text:

Can you safely stay in a home with smoke damage?

If the smoke damage was caused from a fire in the house, then there are likely other things to be concerned with than just smoke damage. You'll also have to worry about things like electrical dangers and the possibility of structural risks. Even if the smoke damage isn't from a fire in your home, the soot can also cause serious health issues, so it's best to wear a mask when entering the home and staying somewhere else until all the dangers, including smoke damage, have been removed.

Is it important to act quickly?

Depending on the circumstances regarding the cause of the smoke damage, you may have a lot of things to deal with. However, fast smoke removal is important. The longer your home sits without the smoke damage being cleaned up, the harder the job can become because any ash in the air, as well as on your belongings, walls, and floors, will cause worse damage, permanent odor, and discoloration the longer they are left.

Can you use your air conditioner or heater before the smoke cleanup?

If you were running the HVAC system during the incident that caused the smoke damage, no matter what that incident was, the smoke more than likely made its way through the ducts. Turning the system on will create an unhealthy air quality until you have the smoke damage also cleaned from the HVAC system.


If you have smoke damage in your home for any reason, you will want to have a smoke damage restoration service come out to safely and quickly clean up the smoke damage for you. Don't try to do the job yourself. Not only can it risk your health, but you also aren't experienced in removing smoke damage correctly and to the fullest extent possible.