How To Clean Your Vehicle Of Mold Growth And Its Effects

Just like your home interior, your vehicle is not immune from mold growth, especially when it provides the perfect area of growth for mold. The interior of your vehicle can come into contact from moisture from your shoes, clothing, and other items you store within it, as well as through a leak in the roof or windows. When the doors of your vehicle become shut off to outside air circulation and sunlight, the mold can quickly grow on many surfaces. Here are some tips to help you clean your vehicle of mold and its toxic effects on your health.

Remove Surface Mold

The first step to removing mold from the inside your vehicle is to move your vehicle to a sunny area and open all of its doors to ventilate the interior. You should also protect yourself from inhalation of the spores, so wear a face respirator as you work to clean up the mold.

Use a brush to brush over the surface of the mold to loosen its areas of growth. Mold spores grow into the fibers of your vehicle upholstery and carpeting surfaces and need to be loosened. Then, use a shop vacuum or a carpet cleaner to saturate and suck up the loosened mold from all of the surfaces.

Treat Underlying Spores

In this step of the cleaning process, it is important you don't use bleach on the interior of your vehicle. Bleach can kill some of the mold, but it will also remove the color from your vehicle's upholstery, carpeting, seat belts, and other surfaces. However, white vinegar will work more effectively at killing most types of mold spores, and it won't damage your vehicle's upholstery, carpeting, leather, or vinyl surfaces.

Pour the white vinegar into a spray bottle undiluted for the best results, and spray it over the surface of any areas that included mold growth. Because the mold spores can get deep within your vehicle's upholstery, saturate the area well with the vinegar, focusing on the area and growth and several inches around it to fully treat all the spores. Spray the treatment over leather and vinyl, allowing it to remain wet and air dry.

You can also seek the treatment of a mold removal service, especially when your vehicle interior has extensive mold growth to the upholstery, beneath and around the chairs, and below the carpeting. They will be able to fully remove all mold and its spores to prevent further growth and continued health risks.