Upgrade That Old Wood Fireplace To A New Gas Unit

Fireplaces have long been a sought-after feature in many homes but for many different reasons. Originally they were used for heat and to cook on, but in modern homes, they are more a centerpiece or used for enjoyment. If you want the fireplace without the work that comes from burning wood, there are some solutions for you.

Upgrading to Gas

Upgrading your fireplace to a gas burning fireplace makes sense for some people. The fireplace remains functional and gives off a substantial amount of heat but doesn't require the work that comes with burning wood. There are many styles to choose from and options like a remote control that allows you to turn the fireplace on from across the room. No matter what your reasoning for upgrading, the process is pretty simple for most homes.

Fireplaces Versus Inserts

Considering an upgrade to gas means making some decisions about the style and type of gas fireplace you want to use in your home. There are many styles now that go far beyond the traditional idea of the fireplace, and some are more efficient than others. There are also inserts that can be put into your old fireplace as a kind of replacement to what you had there but with gas. A gas fireplace is different than an insert and does have a different look to it. If you want to compare the two, it is a good idea to visit a gas fireplace dealer and have them show you both models. 

Installing a Gas Fireplace

The first thing that you need to do is decide where you want your fireplace. If it is replacing the original wood fireplace, you may want it in the same location. The old wood fireplace can be used as a starting point for the new gas fireplace, but there may need to be alterations made to it or the area around it. The chimney can be lined and used as the vent for the gas fireplace as well. And lastly, adding a gas line to the fireplace is necessary.  

Hiring the Right Contractor

If you decide to replace the wood fireplace with a gas one, hiring a contractor that has the experience and background with these systems is essential. An excellent place to find a contractor for this type of work is through the fireplace dealer, like Quality Fireplace and Chimney. They work with the contractors daily and may be able to give you several names to contact. Talk to the contractors and find the one that you are most comfortable with for your project. You will be glad you did in the end.