Tips To Avoid Problems With Your ATM

An ATM can be a very useful device to have on your property. By allowing individuals to easily take out cash from their accounts, it may be possible to encourage them to spend more than they normally would. However, an ATM can be a fairly complicated device that will need proactive care to keep it in good working condition.

Avoid Exposing The ATM To Harsh Weather

The location where you place the ATM can be a critical decision. Some business leaders will simply choose to place the ATM outside their business's entrance. While this can be an effective location, it is important to avoid placing it where it could be exposed to water. If it is not possible to prevent the machine from being exposed to harsh weather conditions, you should invest in a waterproof cover for the ATM. This cover will be able to prevent water from seeping into the critical areas of the ATM.

Be Mindful Of The Security Of The ATM

Unfortunately, an ATM can be a major target for criminals, and this makes it important for individuals to be mindful of the security of these devices. While you may assume that the only threat will be criminals attempting to get the money inside the ATM, it is also possible for these individuals to install card readers that will enable them to steal the credit and debit card information of those using the ATM. This will require you to regularly monitor the ATM, to ensure that unscrupulous individuals have not compromised it. To check for an unauthorized card reader, you should have one of your employees regularly check the system's card reader to make sure no unusual attachments have been added to it.  

Have The System Professionally Serviced

In addition to the digital components, an ATM also has many different mechanical parts needed to dispense the money from the system. Over time, it can be possible for these components to suffer extensive wear and tear. This can contribute to the system jamming or experiencing other performance related problems. Regular service visits from trained technicians can help to prevent these issues by lubricating and aligning the mechanical parts of the ATM. Additionally, these professionals will be able to test the electronic components, to make sure that they are working as intended. Signing a service agreement with an ATM maintenance firm can allow you to enjoy the benefits of having the ATM regularly serviced and enhance convenience.

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