Tips For Saving Your Furniture After A Flood

When major weather events happen, such as a hurricane, flooding is an unfortunate but frequent accompaniment. Even a severe thunderstorm can produce torrential downpours that the public sewer system cannot keep up with. Unfortunately, many people realize too late their homeowner's insurance policy didn't include a rider for flood damage. If you experience a flood and don't have coverage, it suddenly becomes imperative to quickly salvage what you can. While a water damage cleanup service should be your first phone call, saving your furniture should be your next step. Here is what you need to know to help you save what you can.

Move Upholstered Furniture

If the flood was severe and your upholstered furniture is saturated, you probably won't be able to save it. If the pieces were underwater, they will likely be too waterlogged to even move, let alone preserve. However, if the piece has sentimental value, don't despair just yet. A restoration company isn't a miracle worker, but they may be able to remove enough water to get it moved to higher ground and begin the drying and restoration process.

If upholstered pieces only have a little bit of damage, such as on the bottom or underside of the piece, move the piece to higher ground or lift it and put blocks underneath. Remove any cushions, and set a dehumidifier and a fan near it to begin removing the moisture. Unzip the cushion covers if applicable, and hang them to dry. If you have a deck and the sun is shining again, you can also move the furniture outdoors to harness the power of the sun to help dry the items out.

Save Your Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture is easier to save than upholstered pieces. Wipe everything down to remove any dirt that may have accumulated, and then place in front of fans. Try to provide cross-ventilation. While the sunshine is good for upholstered pieces, it won't be good for wooden furniture items, as the wood may warp, split, or crack as it dries. If the piece has any drawers, such as a dresser, don't force them open or closed. The wood will be swollen if it is wet. Wait until the piece is thoroughly dry before trying to move any parts. Don't bother trying to save cheaper furniture that is made with particle board; once it becomes wet, the damage is done. Concentrate your energy on solid wood pieces. Once the water restoration service arrives, such as from Arkansas Restoration Services Inc, their experts can help you determine the best way to proceed and provide the right care for your salvageable furniture.