Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters

Rain striking the roof is an issue that may not seem like it will be a major problem. However, rain running off the roof and down the sides of the house can create problems. In particular, this issue can lead to rot forming as well as eroding the soil around the base the home, which can lead to foundation problems. Unfortunately, gutter maintenance is a task that homeowners will frequently fail to properly do, and this can lead to some serious issues and problems.

Avoid Attempting To Clean Gutters Without Help

One of the most routine forms of care that a gutter system will need involves removing leaves, dirt, and sticks from the gutters. These materials will prevent water from draining out of the gutters. Sadly, there are some people that will attempt to do this work without getting help. In order to clean the gutters, you will need to use a ladder to reach them, and if the ladder is not properly anchored, it could pose a severe risk of causing injury. Also, you may have difficulty properly securing the ladder so that you can reach all the sections of the gutters, and this mistake could result in sections of the gutters not being as thoroughly cleaned as they should be.

Use Thick Gloves For This Task

When cleaning the gutters, you will likely need to use your hand to pull out any leaves and twigs that are in them. Unfortunately, homeowners will often overlook the threat of insects or sharp items being the gutters. This could lead to deep cuts or bites that could be rather painful and prone to infection. As a result, you will want to protect your hands by wearing thick gloves as you perform this maintenance task.

Inspect The System After Cleaning It

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the gutters, you will want to perform a thorough inspection of the gutters and perform a test. To test the gutters, you should place one end of a garden hose in the gutters and allow water to flow into the gutters for several minutes. This will allow the water to travel throughout the gutter system. By walking under the gutters, you will be able to easily check for the presence of leaks by looking for dripping water. When you find these leaks, you may want to apply a patch to the puncture or joint to stop the leak. For those that are uncomfortable attempting to make these repairs, you could hire a gutter technicians from a company like Gutter Magician NKY to easily and quickly complete this repair.