5 Dos And Don’ts To Rid Your Fabrics Of Nasty Smoke Odors

Has your clothing, draperies or other fabrics in the home recently been subject to damage from smoke? Smoke due to a fire can create stubborn stains and odors that are more difficult to get rid of than cigarette smoke odors. However, you can help restore your belongings by following a few simple guidelines. To help get rid of strong smoke odors from fabrics, consider these five "dos and don'ts":

1. DO Remove the Affected Clothing and Fabrics From the Smoke Filled Environment

If your home still has a smoky odor, you've probably ventilated it by opening all windows to let it air out. However, smoke odors may linger. It's best to remove the affected fabrics by placing them in a sealed plastic bag until you are ready to bring them to a professional cleaner or restoration company.

2. DON'T Use any Chemical Without First Consulting the Manufacturer's Instructions

Chemical detergents and household cleaners merely offer a guideline and general instruction for use. Harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach may remove stains and odors, but they may also damage the fabric. Some fabrics require special care. For this reason, always read the instructions set by the fabric manufacturer before using any type of chemical or cleaner.

3. DO Launder Your Clothing At Home (if It's Safe to Do So)

If your fabrics can be safely laundered at home, toss them into the washer with your normal laundry detergent. Next, add some baking soda and white distilled vinegar. These ingredients are known to absorb odors and may help remove stains from your affected fabrics as well.

Strange as it may seem, you might also try adding a couple of scoops of liquid antiseptic mouthwash into the wash to help rid your clothing of nasty smoke and soot odors. You might also try using oxygenated bleach detergent that are safe for your fabrics. Also, try using an odor removal product that can be sprayed directly onto the fabric. If odors still remain after one wash cycle, launder them one more time.

4. DON'T Experiment With "Dry-Clean Only" Fabrics

If your garments and fabrics must be dry cleaned only, don't use any of the above methods of smoke odor removal at home. Take the fabrics to your local dry cleaners and explain the issue to them. For best results, take your fabrics to a professional dry cleaning company that specializes in fire and smoke restoration like FRSTeam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration .