3 Important Reasons to Reupholster Your Furniture

Do you have a favorite couch or armchair that has seen better days? Are family and friends encouraging you to get rid of this furniture so that you can purchase something else? While you could certainly do just that, it may not actually be necessary. Instead, you may want to consider having your couch or chair reupholstered.

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to consider reupholstering instead of simply getting new furniture, some of which include the following:

Retain favorite shape

There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of different styles of couches and sofas. Some of these are very similar to one another, differing mainly in color, but there are some that have a specific shape or style that can be difficult to find. For example, it's fashionable for many modern sofas to have the back cushions attached to the couch itself.

Although this makes it impossible for the cushions to be lost, you may have your own reasons for wanting the cushions to be separate. If your current sofa does have separate cushions, there are upholstery services that can re-stuff and re-cover your furniture item to make it as good as new. Instead of having to put up with a less desirable shape or style, you'll be able to keep the one that you already know that you like.

Save money

Durable furniture can cost thousands of dollars. You could purchase a cheap couch or chair for a few hundred, but you won't know if it will need to be replaced after just a couple years of use. If your furniture is still mostly intact, aside from the rips or stains in the fabric, upholstery services may be able to fix it up for a fraction of what it would cost to completely replace the piece or pieces. In addition to replacing the fabric and stuffing, they can also tighten loose screws, change the support webbing, and replace lost or damaged feet.

Help the environment

Buying a new piece of furniture often means taking the old one to the dump. Even if furniture doesn't make up a significant percentage of the waste being disposed of at your dump, keeping things out of the dump is still better for the environment. When you have upholstery services reupholster your furniture, you'll be making a small contribution to a better planet. You may even want to consider requesting a more environmentally friendly fabric, such as cotton or leather, instead of the polyester, rayon, or other artificial fabric that it was originally. 

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